The M4 is STILL the Best Airsoft Platform in 2022 and Here's Why

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The M4 is STILL the Best Airsoft Platform in 2022 and Here's Why

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     When you are brand-new to the world of Airsoft, it’s just a lot of fun to kit up with some friends and head out to a local field with whatever you can afford – usually just an old sweatshirt, jeans, and a rental gun at the field. After a few games though, it’s not hard to get hooked big time into everything that Airsoft has to offer.

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     By the time you are done with this short article, you’ll have a much better understanding of why the M4 is STILL hands-down the best airsoft platform for everyone ranging from beginner players to veteran players looking for their next arsenal addition. These opinions are based on professional airsoft players and airsoft business owners and links to some of the items can be found within this page for your convenience!


Airsoft M4 Best Evike Gun 2021 Upgrades Rifle AEG

     Before we dive into the specific brands and models, let’s first discuss why you should get an M4 over other rifle platforms like LMGs, snipers, and SMGs. There are a couple of reasons that suggest you should start off with an M4 in the world of Airsoft. These reasons are similar to the primary reasons firearm enthusiasts choose the AR-15 over other rifles. High-quality Airsoft M4 rifles are well-made, super durable, and have an almost infinite amount of accessories and upgrades available to pick and choose from. You might also see a bunch of upgrades available for something like an AK-47 or MP5, but the M4 will still have those incredibly popular Airsoft weapons beat by an order of magnitude. This plethora of compatible parts will come back to assist you throughout your airsoft career and you’ll be glad you chose the most used platform when parts need replacing - whether it’s for upgrades or repairs. The large selection also allows you to customize your rifle to your liking much easier than you would be able to with something like a FAMAS. Everything from internal upgrades like inner barrel & hopup to the motor and motor grip are much more likely to be compatible with one another and offer a better performing and better looking end product while also saving you some cash.

Airsoft M4 Best Evike Gun 2021 Upgrades Rifle AEG

     Additionally, the upgraded components designed for M4 rifles have been finely tuned over the course of more than 25 years whereas other platforms can’t even come close! If there’s something you’d like to do to upgrade your Airsoft rifle the odds are pretty good that someone out there makes a high-quality part for the M4 that you are searching for. Even better is that oftentimes that particular part has reviews or videos based on it making it easier for you to install and ensure it's the correct part for your build. Imagine trying to replace a charging handle or piston head in your airsoft gun but there are no videos, forums, discussions, or friends who can help you fix it. You would essentially be left in the dark until you wait weeks for the manufacturer to overcharge you and repair it, or for you to simply buy another airsoft gun. This is what we are trying to help you avoid. Trust us, we’ve owned dozens of “unique” airsoft guns and they usually become additions to our boneyard pile because replacement parts are hard to find, dont exist, or are just as expensive as the gun itself. 

Airsoft M4 Best Evike Gun 2021 Upgrades Rifle AEG pistol AW custom Double barrel hi capa

     One huge tip we suggest to you before we dive into our recommendations for some of our personal favorite Airsoft M4 rifles is that you try to start off with the best AEG that you can afford. 

     High-quality options like the Krytac Trident lineup, VFC Avalon lineup, and G&G are all fantastic platforms which you can really flesh out as you move forward and provide you with the best possible platform to advance from. Trust me, put as much money into your primary as you can, run it in a game or two, THEN determine what needs to be upgraded and go from there. “Don't fix what isn't broken” is a saying all airsofters regret not following early on.

Airsoft M4 Best Evike Gun 2021 Upgrades Rifle AEG pistol AW custom Double barrel hi capa

     For more information on upgrades, check out our other posts: Best Airsoft Internal Upgrades in 2022 & Our Favorite Airsoft External Accessories

Now some of our personal recommendations for M4 rifles in 2022:

Category One: Premium | $300+ 


Category Two: High-End | $200 - $300


Category Three: Entry-Level | < $200


     There are SO many more guns we’d suggest, but the list would never end. If you have any questions or want our opinion on a specific AEG you’re looking at, please feel free to shoot us a message on our Instagram page! We respond right away and would love to help out!


Now, get out and go shopping for your new airsoft rifle - See ya on the field!

- Minnesota Airsoft

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