Custom Polarstar Rifle for David Mollinedo

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This is a custom listing for David Mollinedo as discussed on Instagram (@dave.mollinedo) during April/May of 2022. This listing is only for David Mollinedo and includes the following items:

  • Base Gun Used: G&G ARP 556 Black
  • HPA System Installed: PolarStar Fusion Engine GEN3 V2 | Red Nozzle & Poppet 
  • Line Length: 36 Inch (Recommended)
  • Line Color: Heavy Weave Black
  • Integral Grip Line (IGL): Heavy Weave Black
  • AMBI Selector Hole Cover | G&G
  • MAXX Speed Trigger Blade Style E | Blue
  • Standard Tune (Safety Remains)
  • Phantom Carbon Fiber Suppressor (~5" to cover inner barrel)
  • Titan 7.4v JST Battery
  • EdGi 6.01 stainless steel inner barrel 208mm
  • Bucking: Modify Ryusoku Soft (indoor) 
  • MAXX Hop Unit ME PRO LED | M4 
  • MAXX Wire Harness For Polarstar FCU (enables tracer unit)
  • AirTech TDC M-Nub | MAXX Unit 
  • Elvish Tac R Hop Patch | EDGI 
  • Rubber Barrel Spacers
  • Monk Customs 6" Blue Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel
  • Big Dragon CNC Mag Release | Blue
  • S2 Lightning Banjo
  • Redline Mini SFR Regulator


      Before purchasing, please understand that this is a custom product meaning we cannot accept returns for any reason other than issues declared to us and caused by our installation team within 72 hours of delivery. We are MORE than happy to assist you with any issues or questions you have down the line - we need to make it clear that we are not responsible for any repairs or services outside of 72 hours of delivery and caused directly by our installation team. This does not include shipping damages.

      This product is custom built and will be used in order to properly tune various components of this item and it may have very small signs of wear accordingly. You, the owner, are responsible for any and all complications or malfunctions this product may come across once it has left our hands. We inspect this item for any and all flaws, both cosmetic and performance based before it is packed for shipment. High end products like this require maintenance and care beyond that of a typical airsoft replica. Expert knowledge of the platform is suggested. If this item is ever tampered with by the customer, we are not liable for any repairs or damages and will charge based upon the repair necessary. 

      The price of this product includes shipping fees to buyer, installation, build, and tune. 

      We are NOT liable to any further damage caused by new owner to any of the upgrades, accessories, or gun as whole. We do not offer any warranty on this custom item nor any of the items listed above. Items in this order may have cosmetic imperfections (negligible). Owner is responsible for properly handling this item upon delivery. Again, this item is custom and ordered to buyer's specifications, thus not allowing us to return nor cancel and refund the item(s) no matter the reason once the order is placed on this website. We are here for support if anything goes wrong down the line! Instagram conversation between user David Mollinedo (@dave.mollinedo) and Minnesota Airsoft is used for the build process.

      Please reach out with any concerns or questions before purchasing!