Custom Polarstar Skeletonized M4 (Bundle)

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The. Finest. Period.


This is it. This is the finest airsoft gun your money can buy on today's airsoft market. We at MN Airsoft have spent nearly 3 months hand picking each component for this build such that no compromises are made and no corners are cut. 

Before you cringe at the price tag, please understand that this is not for everyone. This build will be the finest airsoft gun at your field - hands down. There are zero rifles identical to this and you will always be one of one. This uniqueness also delivers in the field of performance with every upgrade imaginable. With all of this being said, how about we show off the build list...


Base Rifle: King Arms TWS M4 (Skeletonized) with MLOK Handguard

Polarstar Fusion Engine - Version 2 Gen 3 (V2 G3) in EMG limited edition blue (Red nozzle)

Magpul PTS EPG-C Grip

Amped Airsoft IGL (Blue and white with MN Logo)

Umbrella Armory Tuned 416mm 6.03 Stainless Steel Prometheus/Prowin Rhopped Inner barrel set up

3k Matte Twill Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel

3K Matte Twill Phantom Carbon Fiber Suppressor with aluminum end caps


Amped Airsoft Custom HPA Line (Blue)

Red Aluminum Buffer Tube

Red Aluminum CNC Angled Foregrip

SPEED Red Tunable Trigger


350rd Metal Hi Cap Magazine

Polarstar FCU



Designed to answer the demands of today's hardcore airsoft player, the patented Fusion Engine is one of the most reliable, high performance airsoft systems available today. No matter if you need a high fire rate CQB setup or a high velocity sniper platform, the Fusion Engine can do it all without sacrificing dependability or trigger response. Constructed from CNC machined aluminum our system is extremely durable and is even capable of operating under extreme temperatures without decreased performance or reliability.


Umbrella Armory Inner Barrel:


Inner diameter: 6.03 millimeter
Polished finish
Precision, hand fitted R-Hop patch
R-Hopped glued into hop window
Umbrella Armory specific R-Hop 2.0 patch design and material
Requires flat bucking and M-Nubbed / R-Hopped style hop up arm for use (included/assembled with this set)
Use .28 gram BBs or heavier to see optimal long range advantage over non R-Hopped comparisons


SUS 304 stainless steel inner barrel
Rubber R-Hop patch
Rubber soft type Madbull blue bucking*
Aluminum ProWin Hop-up unit with plastic rotary style adjustment wheel*
Resin 3D printed UA Hop-up flat arm and reinforced C-clip*
Rubber barrel stabilization, air seal, spacing O-rings*


this listing was made specifically for Pace Foster as discussed on the HopUp App (06/2021). The HPA tank and regulator will be removed from this listing and price dropped $150. The price will also be dropped $275 for the hi capa sent to us by him that he agreed on the valuation price for.