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Airsoft is an awesome sport and hobby to get into, but it may seem intimidating when looking for your first gun. What is the best gun? What type of gun should I get? How much should I spend? So many things go into an airsoft gun that it can be very daunting to pull the trigger on your first gun - pun absolutely intended - and this is why we have created a list of great guns so you can trust your gun is going to be a reputable airsoft gun regardless of your budget! We also encourage you to check out and use our coupon code "MNAIRSOFT" at checkout to save 10%! IT directly supports our giveaways!


Minnesota Airsoft's Spring Recommendations:

  • Action Army T11
  • Tokyo Marui VSR-10
  • WELL MB03
  • Ares Stryker

Minnesota Airsoft's AEG Recommendations:

  • G&G Combat Machine (or CM16)
  • Krytac LVOAC or LVOAS. Same internals, different overall lengths
  • Krytac Trident Mk2. Various models include the SPR, CRB, or PDW. Simply different length rifles and designed for different fields.
  • VFC Avalon series such as the Calibur and Saber
  • G&P Full Metal AEGs

Minnesota Airsoft's Gas Blowback Recommendations:

  • Tokyo Marui Hi Capa (4.3 and 5.1 are both great)
  • Tokyo Marui G Series (Glocks) such as the G17
  • Elite Force Glock 17, 19, 34  
  • Elite Force 1911 TAC
  • Action Army AAP-01 (Semi and Full automatic)

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