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Our team here at Minnesota Airsoft is here to help you with your airsoft needs in addition to being as transparent as possible so you are getting the best experience when you go play at your field!

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100% of profit from our Minnesota Airsoft Apparel goes directly back to our supporters through various giveaways ranging from free bags of bbs to Polarstar HPA engines and gas blowback pistols!

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We think a little bit differently here at Minnesota Airsoft. We believe in ensuring the product you get is the best value you could possibly get across all airsoft retailers. No hidden fees, rapid order fulfillment, and the best prices across the board!

Recent Reviews

"Highly recommend. Soooo much better than any other suppressor I've used in the past like Angel customs. This one has heft but not too much that its heavy. The flash hider is steel and is a super dark black which makes it look killer when the suppressor isnt being used. Furthermore, the color underlay is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Props to the guys over at MNA for selling this unique of a suppressor. Love it and recommend it to anyone reading this! It's worth the money!!"

Illusion Suppressor

"Got to me very quickly. Highly recommend one of these if you are working/teching on your guns and don't want oil or dents and scratches in your work surface! Huge plus for me is that the design on it makes it awesome for images when I sell my upgraded parts."

Burl Tech Mat

Honestly one of if not THE coolest silencer I have ever seen. The pictures of the holographic color underlays do not do their justice... these silencers are super unique. Can't wait to order another one for my back up! Thanks again MNA!!

Austin C.